Right from the start, bingo has always been a very social game. There would always be a bunch of people however big or small, sitting around each other in a big hall or a room. Bingo is a game that cannot be played by oneself or maybe with just one other. There is no fun in that. The whole essence of the game would be lost. The socializing aspect of it is just as important as winning the prizes. The chat room feature on online gaming site is what brought immense popularity to the game. All players share a common passion for bingo and this is what caused them to relate with each other on far better levels. The whole community feel to it makes it all the more pleasing and welcoming. Some sites even have a online forum where players can post whatever it is that they want to share and can even upload photos and videos just the way you would on any social network. All players become part of the community and there is a sense of decorum that is always maintained from simple greetings, to wishing their fellow mates luck. The most important use of chat rooms is when newbies can ask players that have been regulars on the site, all the queries that they might have and can even pick up some useful tips. Most sites also have chat hosts who organize chat games in order to ensure that players are engaged while they are online. Chat hosts ask simple question and other riddles that are very easy and in turn give out prizes, free tickets, vouchers and bonuses. This is the quickest way to make those extra bonuses too! GameVillage bingo is one site that has the best online community, free bingo games, an online forum and the most entertaining RJ on the site’s own radio. There is much to discover in the world of online bingo and many prizes to be won. So get started on this amazing journey today