Do you know what C Bet exactly is in poker games, I am sure many people did heard about this name but not many of them know more about this keyword? It is not a common poker rule but a strategy. Well the C Bet stands for continuation bets which directly mean that when a player bet on the flop and he has raised a Preflop and hence its calls the continuation. It means a player is following its own bet with another bet. It is one of the most used and common strategy in poker games. A typical C Bet could be ½ or even 2/3 size of the pot. teaches you how to play casino games.

It has a great success rate in front of a single opponent. It can be said that this strategy is best used at a single opponent because it represent strength. However this thing has not done well as against the multiple opponents and is lot more risky to use it in that kind of situation. So if you check these following tips to tackle the bets you would be n a fine situation. You should only apply smaller c bets, if you want to risk less. You should also look to get some value from your hands. This can be done with the help of smaller increments against the loose aggressive opponents.

Try these strategies; know the real facts about poker, online gambling and you would have more chance to do well including continuous bets. You can also learn this process by watching other players and their games. There are lots of casino sites available at the internet these days which could help you to acquire some real decent knowledge about the games without any doubt. Have a look at the sites which are good and perfect for you to gamble and you would be happy. Here’s how to win a huge pot playing high limit poker on